Versus is a turn-based fighting game. You and your opponent take turns to plan your attack or defence by using special moves and/or consumables.

To play a special move, you need MANA. At the start of your turn, you get 5 mana.

Press ATTACK button to finish your turn. You may want to save mana for the next turn and not to play any moves at all.

You may also play CONSUMABLES during your turn. They do not require mana, but can only be used once in a battle.

Tap and HOLD consumable or move icon to read its description.
To UNLOCK new moves, you need to get trophies by winning battles.

UPGRADE your special moves by collecting a certain amount of cards.

You can have a BATTLE SET of 8 special moves from your collection. If you leave your battle set empty, it will be randomly selected before each battle. If you take less than 8 moves to your battle set, the missing moves will be collected randomly before each battle.
UNLOCK new consumables by progressing through leagues. They can be found in loot boxes. They cannot be upgraded.

If you do not use consumables during a battle, you will NOT LOSE them and will SAVE it for the next time.
There are 5 different loot boxes in Versus.

SUPPLY BOX is available in the main menu and unlocks automatically every 4 hours. New unlock starts only after you claim the loot.

COMMON BOX is a regular box, that you get by winning battles. Time to unlock - 3 hours.

RARE BOX is a better version of common boxes. They also drop new gears. They can be earned by winning battles or purchased in the game shop. Time to unlock - 8 hours.

EPIC BOX is super rare and give even better rewards than common and rare boxes. Contain epic cards. Received by winning battles, also available in the game shop. Time to unlock - 12 hours.

PREMIUM BOX is only available in the game shop and unlocks instantly. It contains the best loot in game. May even drop a new character!

NOTE: All the boxes, purchased from the shop, are unlocked instantly.
CREATE new gears in CRAFT MACHINE menu. Each gear is unique and boosts certain stats. Gear LEVEL depends on your current league.

Gears have DURABILITY. Every time you lose a battle wearing it, it loses one durability point. Once it is BROKEN, it is gone from your inventory and needs to be replaced.

Craft machine info:

Basic buffs:
- Hit damage
- Critical hit chance
- Dodge chance

Bonus buffs:
- Anti-crit (decreases critical attack chance of your opponent)
- Anti-dodge (decreases dodge chance of your opponent)
- Crit damage (additional damage to your critical hit)
- Bonus HP
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